Daniel Metz, CEO NTT DATA Romania: Resilience and unambiguous sincerity are essential in these times


The role of leadership in the current environment becomes paramount to inspire and motivate teams and companies to move forward. How are the CEOs and managers of large companies addressing aspects related to leadership and busines resilience within their industries and with the aim of reaching the business objectives for 2020 and 2021?

 We recently talked to Daniel Metz, CEO of NTT DATA Romania to find out the answers to actual aspects of business life today.

Business, as usual, is anything but regular, and that has already been stated before. And things are never going to be the same again

We can conclude the investment in this hope. Much has been written lately about empathy, clarity, authenticity, agility. However, we need to stay connected with the teams we coordinate more than ever even when we are not in the same room. Our employees’ well-being, which was already a priority, is becoming a critical issue… Read more!

I always liked to be a step ahead of time. That’s why I chose to adapt my speech properly for the younger generations so you can also find me on YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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